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Do We Take Appliances?

Yes we do. We take all appliances as long as their is no food inside the appliance. If their is food in the appliance we will refuse it. We also can pick up appliances. It is a $75 charge to come and haul it away.

Do We Fix Appliances?

Yes, We refurbish appliances and we offer in shop repair. If you bring your appliance to our shop, we give a free diagnosis. In shop repair fee is $89.99 plus cost of parts. Does not apply for warranty machines

Do We Offer In Home Repair Service?

Yes. The Trip Charge is $119.99 to come out and the Labor Charge is $79.99 to repair the appliance plus the cost of part for Non-Warranty Calls. Warranty calls are completely free.

Do We Deliver Appliances?

Yes. If you buy an appliance from us, it is an option for us to deliver. The delivery charge is $50. Location of delivery may deduct delivery charge.

How Much Inventory Do We Have?

 Our Inventory changes everyday. We fix machines all day, our floor restocks constantly. If you don't see anything that you like you can always come back.

Do We Offer Warranties?

Yes, all of our appliances come with warranties. Some appliances come with a reduced warranty because of certain appliances. The majority of our appliances come with a one year warranty. We also buy brand new appliances and those appliances come with a one year full factory warranty.

Do We Sell Parts?

Yes, we sell parts. We have a variety of parts for washers and dryers to refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers. Please call in or come in for more information concerning your parts needs.

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